Buksh Group is a leading business group in Pakistan's retail environment. Chairman Saeed Ahmed Buksh has been in retail business since decades. When they launched the first department store of its kind at the Mall Road Lahore (HKB). His eldest son Asim Buksh (CEO) took the initiative and decided to diversify the business by getting franchises of famous brands throughout the world. Asim together with his younger brothers, Saqib Buksh (D) and Usman Buksh (D), is now successfully managing a business across four cities with 22 retail outlets. Saeed Buksh is the exclusive franchisee for all the brands that it carries which allows it to control the quality and distribution dynamics throughout Pakistan. Brands under Buksh Group Umbrella are

1. HKB & Sons The Mall
2. Men's Store Pakistan
4. Red Earth
5. Bang & Olufsen